BSE NSE Logistics Sector Shares 24Nov17 Chart Strength
Aegis Logistics  3
Allcargo Logistics 10
Arshiya 2
Asis Logistics 12
Balmer Lawrie and Company 4
Chartered Logistics 11
Container Corporation Of India 6
Gateway Distriparks 7
Mahindra Logistics 5
Sical Logistics 9
Snowman Logistics 8
VRL Logistics 1 strongest
BSE NSE Logistics 67%


  • Stocks trading above 200 day moving average  laughing
        Shares are shown in blue colour
  • Stocks trading below but close to 200 day moving average smile
        Shares are shown in orange colour
  • Stocks trading much below 200 day moving average frown
        Shares are shown in red colour



Technical trend of Logistics sector stocks from BSE and NSE

Out of 12 Logistics stocks from BSE and NSE 8 are trading above 200 day moving average. 
That means 67% of Logistics stocks are trading above 200-dma. 
Logistics sector involved in storing and warehousing has been given the infrastructure status.

Outperformers: VRL Logistics, Arshiya, Aegis Logistics, Balmer Lawrie & Company, Mahindra Logistics.
Underperformers: Asis Logistics, Chartered Logistics, Allcargo Logistics.

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