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Overview of Stock DMA
Stock DMA is a free Android App which brings to you all your favorite stock charts onto your mobile. All you need to know is the Yahoo symbol and you can see the chart which you would like to view. Other than the chart for stock it possible to see the charts of stock market index, mutual fund, currency, gold etc.

How does it work?
When you add a new chart, the different setting for the chart like simple day moving average (DMA) 50, 100, 200 etc. are saved locally with the name provided for the chart. Every time a request for chart to be viewed is made, the URL to access the Yahoo chart is generated based on the parameters saved. Note that none of the charts are saved in the local system.

More Information about Stock DMA
This app provides global customization settings which would apply to all the charts like line, bar or candle stick by selecting the radio button in the settings menu. The default setting is for line graph. Further, these charts can be viewed in linear or logarithmic scale by selecting the slide button. The default setting is linear and when the selecting button turns green logarithmic scale becomes active. The default duration setting is 2 years but any change in the setting made will get reflected in the charts that are created later. The chart duration can be set from a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 9 years. It is possible some charts may be available only for shorter duration. Tap ellipsis (3 dots) on menu bar at home page to go to settings. After moving to any category in the app menu, new charts and category can be added. Uncategorized section is the default category.

New chart can be created by tapping on the green shaded circle with + sign at the lower right side of the screen. When adding new chart, the chart will be created as per the setting seen in the form. However you can make necessary changes as you desire. You can preview the chart to be formed by tapping the icon on the right side top of the frame. If the chart looks as you wanted, you can save the chart by clicking on the save icon. If the chart needs modification, the edit icon can be clicked and when the desired chart is formed it can be saved. For adding a different stock to be viewed based on an existing saved chart, the easiest way would be to use the ‘Copy As’ function. Just long hold on the chart which you want to copy and select the ‘Copy As’ option in the flyout menu. Once the edit screen is launched with the stock details of the selected item, just feed the stock symbol and favorite name and tab the save button. Care should be taken to avoid special characters in the fields of favorite name and stock symbol.

When a new chart is created using add chart from the menu, the chart will be displayed in uncategorized section. However, when a chart is added from a category, the chart is created in the same category. The new chart will be created at the end of the existing charts. The ‘Edit’ option can be used to edit any existing chart. In the same way unwanted chart can be deleted using ‘Delete’ option after selecting the chart.

From a category using ellipsis on menu bar it is possible to ‘create’ a category. In the same way it is also possible to ‘edit’ the name of a category. If there is no chart in a category it is possible to ‘delete’ the category. All the charts in a category are presented in portrait view and can be seen continuously in vertical position. Charts can be seen by moving in up or down direction. When turned to get landscape view charts will be displayed continuously with maximum enlarged view. When a chart in portrait view is tapped the chart can be seen one at a time. Now charts can be seen by moving in left or right direction in horizontal position. When turned to landscape view individual chart will be displayed with enlarged view.

To view screenshots of the app and to download it for FREE, just click on the Play Store image below:

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